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woodWOP 6.1 with integrated CAD-Plugin

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Written on: 30. 03. 2012 [15:53]
Topic creator
registered since: 16.02.2005
Posts: 130
..attached the actual flyer!

A trial version is available under the following download link:

Flyer woodWOP 6.1_EN.pdf (File type: application/pdf, Size: 1.31 megabytes) — 5018 downloads
Flyer woodWOP CAD Plugin_EN.pdf (File type: application/pdf, Size: 955.54 kilobytes) — 4735 downloads
Written on: 30. 04. 2012 [12:23]
registered since: 30.04.2012
Posts: 1
I'd like to have it, is it available yet?
Written on: 02. 05. 2012 [15:13]
Topic creator
registered since: 16.02.2005
Posts: 130
Yes, it is available. You should contact your dealer to get an offer!
Written on: 10. 05. 2012 [20:38]
registered since: 10.02.2010
Posts: 7
I installed it today, its fantastic!
Stil need to test the CAD-plugin, but the new functions in WoodWOP itself are impressive! Cant wait to work with the new functions on a machine.

Good job Homag! you guys are heading in the good direction!

The new Component menu is already comming to use!

New interesting function i found so far apart from those explained in the folder:

- Start with template
verry interesting for people who have a BHX 500 machine, they can use a standard WoodWop program with the clamp positioning component to open every time they start WoodWOP. Or for people that always use measure position on workpiece with there machine, Then they dont need to ad the measuring function every time.

ICT-Technician / Fernservice Vens & Thiers Belgium.
My specialties:

- WoodWOP - CAM Plugin - Imos - esolution - Weeke CNC
- Homag CNC - Holzma - Bargstedt - ...
Written on: 18. 06. 2012 [10:22]
registered since: 18.06.2012
Posts: 1
Where can I find a good instruction movie of how the new woodwop6.1 functionalities could be used?
Written on: 18. 06. 2012 [10:54]
Topic creator
registered since: 16.02.2005
Posts: 130
Written on: 16. 04. 2017 [01:52]
registered since: 26.04.2016
Posts: 2
hi , im working now version 5 , can I change to version 6 ?
Written on: 24. 04. 2017 [07:19]
registered since: 14.09.2006
Posts: 230
Yes you can. Since woodWOP 6.1 there is a new file format - mprx.
But woodWOP 6 and 7 is able to work with both file types - mpr and mprx.

New functions like CAD drawing are only available for the mprx format but all standard functionality is compatible.

The System requirements are obviously higher due to the fact that woodWOP 6 is based on a 3D graphic.

Regards, holzking


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