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Problem with processing pieces longer then 1600mm

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Written on: 24. 11. 2017 [17:41]
Topic creator
registered since: 24.11.2017
Posts: 5
Hi, I'm new with homage so I need beginner help. I have problem with long pieces (2000mm). On mine old buselatto I can assign one piece to left side of board, and other to right side. I first process left side, then right. On venture 115 I chose position 1 and piece, then position 4 and add same piece in mirror. But machine won't allow me to run program.

How to add and process pieces that are larger then 1600mm? First left, then remove piece, then right?
Written on: 27. 11. 2017 [13:24]
registered since: 17.06.2014
Posts: 77

Works if you use the production list function

you first machine at position 1 and then release the piece after machining. Then work at position 4.

the production list must be set by set. It must not be parallel.

The suction zone of the machine must not be separated.

I tested and this works.


Prog_list1.jpg (File type: image/jpeg, Size: 159.7 kilobytes) — 627 downloads
Prog_list2.jpg (File type: image/jpeg, Size: 162.16 kilobytes) — 710 downloads
Written on: 28. 11. 2017 [15:15]
Topic creator
registered since: 24.11.2017
Posts: 5
Thank you, work perfectly.


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