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Written on: 08. 02. 2010 [15:50]
registered since: 16.02.2005
Posts: 130
woodAssembler visualises woodWOP programs in 3D and enables virtual assembly of single workpieces to construct complete furnitures, so-called scenes.

With this software it is possible to assemble single parts, which are first programmed in woodWOP. Via simple functions workpieces can be linked together to check, if the programmed machining steps of dif-ferent parts fit together. Conformances are marked green.

The user can construct complete furnitures or can group several objects in one scene.
On this way any piece of furniture can be created, rectangular carcases as well as cabinets for individual installations for example underneath a pitch of roof.

There is the possibility to insert mirrored or non-mirrored parts, whereby the conditions programmed in woodWOP will be analysed. Furthermore complete scenes, which are already constructed, can be added.
Alternative to insert existing woodWOP programs, new workpieces can be created and saved as a woodWOP program.

In woodAssembler single parts are joined by selecting drillings, edges or surfaces. Choosed elements add together automatically. Faulty pieces can be opened directly in woodWOP to be edited.
In addition a library with examples of connectors is included, from what the user can select and insert objects. These data files are i.a. variable programmed woodWOP programs, which can be edited when necessary.

With the function "rebuild" variable programmed objects can be modified directly. By changing certain values of parameters a complete construction or even a single part can be edited in its dimensions.

To save the operator complex calculations, the position for a new process can be defined by copying and moving an existant connector.
At the specific coordinates of the connecting situation will be created an empty block macro. In wood-WOP it can be filled with corresponding processing.

Example:The user changes via the function "rebuild" the dimensions of an existing object. Into the present door should be inserted an additional hinge.
An already existing connector has to be copied and placed at an adequate position. At these coordinates an empty block macro will be created in woodWOP, which has to be filled with corresponding drillings.
After inserting the processing into the macro and saving the program, the modifications are diplayed in woodAssembler.

A free demo version can be downloaded on

You also find a tutorial about woodAssembler under this link.

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