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How to create an internal nesting contour in WoodWop 6 ???

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Written on: 26. 09. 2011 [20:48]
Topic creator
registered since: 05.09.2011
Posts: 64
How do i create an internal nesting contour, e.g: for a door with say a 50mm frame- the internal piece cut out for glass...?

I want an external nesting contour for the outside shape, which is easy enough, but for the internal nesting contour when I follow the help guide, it says to name the start point of this contour with the keyword "NEST",but the external nesting contour also is named "NEST", and therefore Woodnest just generates an error, & can't nest any of the workpieces icon_mad.gif

The advantage of naming an internal nesting contour is that the internal piece of board (raw plate) can be utilized for other smaller workpieces! icon_smile.gif
Written on: 26. 09. 2014 [11:21]
registered since: 16.02.2005
Posts: 130
The external nesting contour has to be the first contour in the list. This should work!


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